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Nestbox building at Far Ings

On Friday I went to Far Ings and did nestbox building. We build a open fronted nestbox and one for tits. They also had some peanut feeders. I saw: a chaffinch, 4 blue tits, 5 great tits, 2 long-tailed tits, a pheasant and a cormorant. We also made some bird feeders. I really enjoyed making the feeders.

A really long walk

We went on a walk today guess what we saw:
1 moorhen
4 great tits
1 goldfinch
6 robins
2 blue tit
I enjoyed seeing all of the birds.
We also saw some fungi and lichen.

Wildpix competition

I am going to try to get some photos of birds for wildpix competition when I go on a walk today. I have already got REALLY close to a blackbird, I just wished I had my camera with me!!

Peanut feeder

In town I saw a peanut feeder. A blue tit was feeding on it whilst all the noisy traffic went by. It was very tame.

Amazing cycle ride

On Tuesday me, my sister and mummy went on a cycle ride on the cycle path. I saw 4 long tailed tits, 2 robins,1 sparrowhawk and 4 great tits! I love seeing all the lovely birds on the cycle path!