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Build a Hedgehog Home!

Step 1 – Collect Your Materials

You’ll need two paving slabs (approx. 450m x 450mm), approx. 20 bricks, some hay and lots of garden trimmings (logs, twigs, leaves etc.) No tools are needed but you may wish to wear gardening gloves.



Step 2 – Build the Hog Home in a suitable Location

Look for a quiet corner of the garden tucked away under a hedge or somewhere similar. Starting with one of the paving slabs as the bast, position the bricks around the edge of the paving slab base to build up the walls. Leave a 120mm gap on one side for the entrance. Make an entrance tunnel to help stop inquisitive cats and foxes.

Step 3 – Add A Small Amount of Bedding Material

Meadow hay (available from most pet shops if you don’t have anything similar) is perfect to use as bedding material. Dry leaves are good too. Don’t overfill the hog box though as the hedgehogs will rearrange and bring in their own bedding material too. Please do not use newspaper.





Step 4 – Place the Roof Slab on top

Make sure all the bricks are closely packed underneath to minimise any gaps between them. Any small gaps that do remain are perfect for ventilation and will ensure that the hedgehog remains comfy inside.






Step 5 – Add A Generous Layer Of Logs, Twigs And Leaves

I always start with a layer of dry leaves and then stack logs and twigs on top. Make sure you cover all sides but leave your entrance clear! Ensure that any logs or heavier materials directly above the tunnel entrance are securely stacked. We don’t want anything falling down and either blocking the entrance or landing on a hedgehog’s head!





Top Tip!

Place a couple of very small twigs across the entrance to the hog home. If they move or disappear you know something has been inside the box!


Gadget Time!


If you’ve got a trail camera try positioning it overlooking the entrance to your new hog home to capture any visitors. You can share any photos or clips on the Wildlife Watch Facebook page. We would love to see them!


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