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Plastic Fantastic - ideas for old plastic

Help to reduce waste going to landfill by recycling old plastic into new things!

Make a picture frame from your old CD cases


You will need:


  • Empty old CD case
  • Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Either a drinks can tab or a magnetic strip (to hang or stick it up)
  • Some coloured string or thread   




Cut a piece of construction paper into a square that will fit into the cd case. 


Place your photo faced down in the centre of the square and trace around it.


Cut out the shape you just traced, cutting it about ¼ of an inch smaller than the line you traced.


Put a dab of glue in each corner of your square (on the opposite side of your trace lines). Open the cd case and stick your square on the inside of the clear cd case cover. 


Place your picture face down again where you traced it and use little pieces of tape on the back to secure it in place.  If you don’t want to put tape on the back of your picture you can always back the picture onto some card or paper first with bluetac (so it can be easily removed one day) then you can tape on the backing to secure it in place. The close the cd case.


To hang it up,  either glue a pop can tab on the back of the cd case towards the top and thread string through when dry.  


attach a magnetic strip to the back and hang it on your fridge! Don’t forget you can even add stickers and other miscellaneous things to decorate your frame.  Your imagination is the limit!


Make your own plastic Wind Chimes


Sometimes when you picnic out it is difficult to carry around your heavy metal cutlery.  This is where plastic cutlery can come in handy and as it is so light you can take it home with you too!  Just because it is plastic doesn’t mean it must be disposable, why not use it again or if it is not needed use it to make wind chimes?


You will need:


  • some plastic cutlery
  • a paper plate
  • a sharp pencil
  • a pair of scissors
  • some string or yarn




First, cut the string into lengths of 5cm


Then, tie the string to the ends of the cutlery.


You should decorate your paper plate at this point. Bright colours will show up best as it moves in the wind.


Next poke some holes with the sharp pencil into the paper plate (it is easiest to do this if you put something soft beneath the plate like bluetac and push the pencil downwards).


Thread the string through the plate and tie a knot in each piece.


Finally, fasten three pieces of string to the top of the plate.


Make your own Bowling Alley


Use your empty fizzy drinks bottles to make a fun game.  Making your own bowling alley at home helps save you money and helps the environment by re-using your household’s plastic waste.


You will need:


  • 10-15 2 litre fizzy drinks bottles
  • Water or sand
  • Some chalk
  • A ball



Collect 10 to 15 empty 2-litre fizzy drinks bottles. Try to keep the bottles all the same shape so that everything will be equal when you are bowling.


Using sand or water, fill each one of the bottles equally about ¼ of the way up. This will help add onto the extra weight that will create more realistic falling bowling pins.


Set up a mock alley outside. Mark with chalk where the pins will stand.  Try creating a 10-pin triangle that is the standard in bowling.


Place each pin onto a mark and then move back about 8-10 metres to bowl. Mark a line with chalk on the ground where players cannot cross when bowling. 


To effectively bowl, try using a ball that is a little hard like a football. You may not have finger holes to put them into but you can still roll it or get creative by kicking it or doing something else.


After the first roll is made, remove the pins the fell down and continue for the second roll.


(The reason you have made more than ten is because sometimes the bottles will break and it is nice to have a quick replacement).


Plastic Bag Flying Ghost


You will need:


  • 2 White Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Black Magic Marker
  • Needle and White Thread
  • Scissors   




Cut the handles off of one plastic grocery bag. Save them. If the bag has any store markings on the front, cut off the front of the bag.


Roll the second grocery bag and the piece you cut from the front of the first grocery bag (if applicable), into a ball. Place this into the centre of the 1st grocery bag and bring the edges together to form the ghost's head.


Use one of the bag handles you cut off and wrap it around the head and tie into a knot. Fluff out the ends of the handle to look like arms.


Use the magic marker to make eyes and mouth.


With threaded needle, insert needle through the head (into both bags so thread won't pull out) to form a string to hang your ghost.


Make several to hang around the house or on the trees outside as yard decorations!


Create your own flying ghost by re-using your white plastic carrier bags.  After cutting off the handles try stuffing one bag in side the other and use a cut off handle to draw the neck in by knotting just below the stuffed head.  The ends of the handle can be fanned out to create arms like in out picture. 

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  • Collareles
    • Date: 2013-12-06 20:10:02
    • Collareles

    sounds great

  • Ospreyas
    • Date: 2013-12-06 16:46:47
    • Ospreyas

    Sounds great to do at the weekend

  • Mandusis
    • Date: 2013-09-12 12:10:01
    • Mandusis

    awesome activates i had fun!

  • Fernutas
    • Date: 2013-02-15 18:11:13
    • Fernutas

    I made a bird feeder (at school) out of plastic glue-sticks it was fun

  • Moorodra
    • Date: 2013-02-12 18:20:47
    • Moorodra

    its cool

  • Beebeeope
    • Date: 2013-01-27 15:40:13
    • Beebeeope

    Great ideas to recycle plastic, I especially like the CD photo frame idea ,so cooooooool !

  • Brownos
    • Date: 2012-09-08 10:36:26
    • Brownos

    it's epic

  • Mallardella
    • Date: 2012-04-14 12:34:21
    • Mallardella

    when i have a party [which i hope is soon] im so using the plastic cuterly and paper plates to make a wind chime

  • Rabbitegri
    • Date: 2011-10-02 11:50:56
    • Rabbitegri

    great idea to recycle plastic

  • Peewitegro
    • Date: 2011-05-03 21:50:30
    • Peewitegro

    They sound fun to do so must try one at the weekend!

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